Is hemlock good firewood for woodstove burning

by Ed Baker

I was able to get about 2 unsplit cords for free.I am wanting to know how you rate this type of wood for burning in a woodstove. Thanks!



Hemlock is not a great species for firewood, but it certainly has its place. It's heating value is similar to pine. It won't burn as well as most hardwoods, but it's alright to use for campfires and to mix with other superior hardwood species for burning in a wood stove. Also, hemlock is suitable for those spring and fall fires when you are just looking to take the chill out of the house.

Because it is free, I do recommend that you use it. However, I certainly wouldn't pay normal firewood prices for a load of hemlock firewood.

I hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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Apr 29, 2015
That was a good read NEW
by: Anonymous

That was a good read on hemlock. Thanks for the review on how to get a good firewood, as i was looking for the best wood to fire in my home, due to my busy with my i have no time to look after the best wood. I am so pleased to be here and find these useful information.

Mar 10, 2015
quality NEW
by: Wilson

I don’t think that hemlock will be good firewood for woodstove burning. It is hard to catch fire in hemlock fire wood and once it is fired it will burn out completely within no time. So we need to use more wood to maintain temperature. Ben: Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Oct 28, 2012
hemlock NEW
by: maineiac

I have used hemlock from my land for years. it does burn longer and cleaner than pine.i mix in about 25 percent hemlock to my load of wood per burn. cleaned chimney once in 15 years. my fires are small and hot! no stuffing the stove and cutting back the air.i like seeing nice blue flame, often it looks like a propane stove

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