Catalpa firewood in a woodburner

by Fred Turk
(New Castle Pa. U.S.A.)

A good friend felled a large catalpa tree with long seed pods he claims is a catalpa tree and he wants me to have the firewood. I know nothing about this wood and how it will perform in my woodburner. Can you give me as much information as you can about this wood so I can feel comfortable about burning it. Thank you in advance for your input.



Catalpa is not the most desirable of firewood species. It's not a very dense wood, therefore it doesn't have a good heating value. I would compare it to aspen in terms of it's heat output. It burns quickly, so it's best used for outdoor campfires or spring or fall fires indoors.

Although it's not a great species to burn, it still works as long as it is properly seasoned. One other thing to note is that it tends to have an unpleasant smell until it is dried out.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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May 10, 2015
Catalpa firewood in a woodburner NEW
by: John Smith

Once I went to camp on hilly area and made a stove with stones. I used pecan wood for burning, it was pretty good experience. I realized there that food had a special and delicious smoky aroma. I had never experienced cooking that way. Now I want to cook on fire wood in my kitchen too. Do you know any essay writer can do my hot essay online without any delay, I am willing to hire him right now.

Mar 02, 2015
good one but not that much NEW
by: Andrew

It has a bunch of leathery looking seedpods. This is not a favourite firewood but when it is dry it burns in a good manner. It is softwood category firewood. It is commonly used for cooking purposes. Anyway thank you forMedical transcription companies the information about this.

Sep 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi my name is Ray and i have some fire wood that i have to cut up for my wood burning stove. but its starting to rot. Can I still use it?

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