Bowsaw for Cutting Firewood

by George Bernhard
(Philadelphia PA)


I enjoy hand sawing firewood vs. chain sawing, for the exercise, quietness, less prep and clean up time. I continue to use a 30" standard bow saw, which has its limits. The wood I cut is up to 10' in diameter. Do you have a recommendation for a good saw, shy of a 2-man hand saw?

Thank you - George Bernhard



I also enjoy using a bowsaw for cutting wood by hand. Unfortunately, there aren't many companies producing full size bowsaws any longer.

Bowsaws were very popular in the eastern US and Canada before chainsaws came along for cutting pulpwood. Pulpwood is used for making paper products and is generally smaller sized than the large logs that go to sawmills. For this reason, woodcutters would use a bowsaw to cut up this "pulpwood" before sending it to the mill. A fullsize bowsaw blade is actually 42" long and the frame is a full 48". This was handy for the men working in the woods as the wood needed to be cut to 4 foot lengths. They could use the bowsaw frame to measure the wood, then cut it to length with the same tool. I believe that you would find a 42" blade more adept for your purposes.

Unfortunately, I can't give you any information about manufacturers that are currently producing them. Your best bet is to look on Ebay or try some local antique tool shops.

I personally own a 48" frame and some 42" blades that are specially filed for racing in soft wood for lumberjack contests. They are capable of cutting under 4 seconds in 10" wood, which is faster than most homeowner chainsaws. You couldn't expect a working blade to perform the same, but I think you'll get improved performance. Below is a video of me cutting with a racing blade to give you an idea of how fast bowsaws can actually cut.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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Hey there NEW
by: jill

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be careful NEW
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Jan 23, 2012
Cutting green wood
by: Peter Revell

You need a bowsaw blade with raker teeth - Sandvik (Bahco) type 23.

Type 51 is for seasoned (dry) wood.

I clear large areas of scrub every year and the type 23 is a lifesaver.

Dec 27, 2011
Firewood with a bowsaw
by: CutterCarly

I saw a guy on youtube it was called bowsaw primer part 2.Check his other videos,he seems to make bowsaws for other people.I do believe he can be the one to help you.Otherwise you will have to check out garage sales and stuff.I have a 36 inch bowsaw that I bought about 20 years ago and it has small teeth,takes a long time to cut through 12 inch logs compared to some of the saws I picked up recently,people were just getting rid of them for cheap,they have really big agressive teeth,and I would bet some of those saws are a lot older than I am at 48.Anyhow hope this helps you and good luck.

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